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TLS 1.0 in the Retail sector, security, PCI

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5.6.2017 2:14:59

Join Date: 5.5.2017
UID: 24

Does anyone know how any other retailers are handling the upcoming TLS 1.0 disable in June 2018? We are looking at messaging our customers who come to our site in offending browsers (be it incapable, or off by default) for a month or two, with some fancy message, and then just turning it off. I am wondering if we even need the messaging. If other retailers are doing it, everyone is going to have to turn off 1.0 anyways, then should I spend the money on the messaging, or just turn it off right before the cut-off date. Any thoughts?

5.6.2017 3:08:55
I see you

Join Date: 5.5.2017
UID: 18

I had not even heard about this. And if I saw a warning saying "Browsers blah blah TLS 1.0" I wouldnt have a clue what they were on about.

So to me, the warning would have to be pretty explanatory to have a decent affect. You might be better off just having an extra few hands in the support room for the week or two after it's disabled.

5.6.2017 3:25:50

Join Date: 5.5.2017
UID: 28

yeah, traniing issue


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TLS 1.0 in the Retail sector, security, PCI

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